Is your dog right for our daycare program at Lodge Your Paws?

Is your dog:​

  • A puppy that needs to be socialized

  • High energy and needs to be exercised

  • Bored or alone at home and needs friends

All dogs are assessed for sociability to ensure they are matched with appropriate playmates. With our fully fenced, 6 divided play areas, a heated-floor small pup lounge and a large grass area your dog will enjoy safe and supervised play time. All play yards contain play equipment and toys. During summer heat your dog can enjoy splashing around in the pool and other water activities!

Daycare Hourly Rate...$2.50


We also offer Daycare packages for discounted rates.

Summer Daycare Discount!

Take advantage of weekly discounts for your pup!


3rd Daycare Day - %30 off


4th Daycare Day - %40 off

Discount applies on weekly basis, %30/%40 0ff their 3rd/4th daycare of that week. Can not add daycares from different weeks.

Minimum charge of 4 hours/$10+tax still applicable.